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We do not have a solution for iphone or ipad at this time since the restrictions Apple places on developers makes it unlikely that Mozilla, the developers of Firefox, will ever develop Firefox to run on Apple systems.

There is an app called VirtualFirefox which might work. However, we have not tested it. Please give it a try. If it works, please let us know. Thank you.

Also, if your setup works with Apple, please let us know so we can pass the information on to other users.

If you have a desktop or notebook system, we do recommend using those devices to get the downloads. You can use an Android using the Firefox browser which works.

Thank you.

This appears to be problem with certain browsers. The latest FIREFOX browsers does download files successfully.

To use the Firefox browser, you will need to following steps:

1. Run the Google Play app.

2. Click the search icon.

3. Type the word “firefox”

4. Install the Firefox app.

5. Run the Firefox app.

6. Type “” in the address bar to access our web site.

The ebooks can be translated by copying the text of the ebooks and pasting the copy into a machine translator such as Google Translate found at:

The exact steps to translate are:

  1. Open the ebook to be translated in your ebook reader.
  2. Highlight or select the text to be translated.
  3. Copy the selected text.
  4. Go the translation web site.
  5. Paste the text to be translated into your translation software.
  6. Select the source language which should be English and the target language which you choose
  7. Click Translate
  8. Paste the translated text into your text editor and save the file.

Please note that machine translations are not 100% accurate. If you plan to present the translated ebook to others, we recommend that you proof the translation before distribution.

We understand that some people are using our website at considerable risk to their lives. We try to minimize that risk by the following:

  • We DO NOT send out newsletters, appeal letters, marketing materials or any other written or electronic correspondence except in the following two circumstances:
  • We only send out emails to confirm a user’s email address for account activation purposes.
  • We will respond to users my email ONLY when they request support from us.
  • We DO NOT market, sell, distribute any user account information to anyone else.
  • We are extremely flexible about users creating accounts with pseudonyms or other means to protect their identities. We only need a valid email to allow users to register on our site.
  • Other users on The Manna Reserve do not have access to your user information.

We recommend that users do not use the same password for every web site. We recommend, a free password manager, to create separate passwords for each web site.

The Manna Reserve does all of its financial transactions through the Paypal system. Paypal keeps this information. We do not have access to the Paypal accounts of users. We DO NOT have information on credit cards, debit cards, checking accounts or any other user financial account information. We do keep a record of all contributions made by users.

The Manna Reserver uses account information ONLY to allow users to sign and sign out of our web site. We do not sell or market user information. We do not track user activity other than to record the last time the user signed in, the IP address of the sign in. This is for security purposes to help ensure unauthorized users are not hacking the website. We do not track user downloads.

No. Because Bibles are better read using Bible reading software, we recommend using free dedicated Bible readers for your device. Google “free Bible reader” for software to read Bibles.

Bibles in PDF format are not very useful when trying to look up passages or do other Bible study activities.

You will need to download our files on your cell phone or tablet. Use a browser which supports downloading. Google “downloading files” with the device name. For example, google “downloading files iphone” for instructions on how to download files.

Our ebooks have reflowing activated. This means that the eBooks will display properly on any device which has a reader which supports reflowing. Check your reader software to set reflow ON. This will eliminate having to scroll left and right just to read a line of text.

No. The eBooks are digitally remastered to improve the quality of the materials. The content is the same. However, font sizes, spacing between paragraphs, grammatical and publishing errors have been fixed.

The text of the books have been converted to digital text to allow readers to perform text searches on the books. Copy and paste excepts of the books into sermons, articles, and so on.

To change your password, click on the “Profile” link in the upper right portion of the screen after signing in.

There are several reasons for eBooks not be readable:

  1. Our ebooks are created using the latest versions of Adobe PDF. If your ebook reader is an old version, it may not be able to read our files. Make certain you have the latest version of your PDF reader.
  2. Sometimes files have not been fully downloaded. Check the size of the file downloaded with the size listed on our web site. If there is a major difference, try downloading the file again.
  3. If you are getting CRC errors, contact us with file name and author.

Please make certain you are using the correct user name and password.

If that does not work, click on the Sign In link at the top of the screen. Click on Forgot login? link to have our servers sent you a reminder.

The most frequent reason for not receiving the activation email is that the email has been placed in the spam folder of your email software. Please check your spam folder for emails from The Manna Reserve. Please mark those emails as NOT spam.

Another reason for not receiving emails are delays in sending out the emails from our servers. Please be patient. If you do not receive an email in 24 hours, please contact us using the Contact Us link at the top of the screen.

The ebooks are in Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) compressed into one (1) .zip file for downloading purposes.  To uncompress the files, you will need a zip extractor program.

If you are using Windows, Windows may be able to automatically extract files.  Just double click on the downloaded .zip file.

If you are using another operating system, a free copy of a zip extractor can be found at

You will need PDF reader software to read the eBooks. Google “pdf reader” for some examples of software to read PDFs.

All of the audio files are in MP3 or WMA format compressed into one (1) .zip file for downloading purposes.  To uncompress the files, you will need a zip extractor program.

If you are using Windows, Windows may be able to automatically extract files.  Just double click on the downloaded .zip file.

If you are using another operating system, a free copy of a zip extractor can be found at

To play the MP3 files, you will need an MP3 player.  If your computer does not have the ability to play MP3s, a free MP3 player can be found by searching google for “mp3 player app”  or “windows mp3 player”.

We do not recommend burning MP3 files to CDs. The quality of the files is not CD quality so the files on CD will not sound good. Also, it is a waste of CDs.

Of course, all the files can be played on a computer. However, if you wish to play the files without a computer, you will need a portable MP3 player or a cell phone.

We recommend a portable [b]rechargeable[/b] MP3 player which plays MP3s and WMA files (we use WMA for music). Usually 2 GB or more in storage works well.

If your MP3 player does not play WMA files, there are computer programs which will convert the WMA files to other formats.

Recently, I was in a church service where there was a prophetic word supposedly from God regarding copyrighted materials.  The word paraphrased was “God told me that I was not being blessed because I had illegal copyrighted material in my possession.  God told me to destroy all the illegal copyrighted material.  I destroyed the materials and later I got a good job. Illegal copying is stealing.”

In this instance, was the prophetic word from God or from a religious spirit (human or demonic)?

Let’s look at copyright law.  Originally, the founding fathers of this nation wrote the law to restrict copyright only for commercial purposes. In other words, private non-commercial copying was legal.  The intent by the founders was to allow copyright holders a reasonable return for their efforts in creating materials.  Also, the founding fathers placed a term limit on copyrights of 14 years (Copyright Act of 1790) with 14 year renewals.  After 14 years, the copyrighted material would become public domain and could be freely copied.

Since 1790, the copyright laws have changed.  In 1831, the copyright term was extended to 28 years with 14 year renewals. In 1909, the term was extended to 28 years with 28 year renewals. In 1976, the copyright term was extended to 75 years or the life of the author plus 50 years. In 1998, the term was extended to 95 to 120 years or the life of the author plus 70 years. In addition, these new laws were applied retroactively to 1923. All materials published prior to 1923 are considered public domain.

This means if you copy any music published prior to 1923, it is not a sin because you are not stealing? If you copy any materials published after 1923, it is a sin because you are stealing?

Copyright law gives the author a legal monopoly granted by the government over the author’s works.  This allows the author to charge for their work. This is godly.  The Scriptures state,

1Ti 5:18 For the Scripture says, You shall not muzzle an ox when it is treading out the grain, and again, The laborer is worthy of his hire.

Because copyrights are legal monopolies, it creates a potential for extortion. If the author charges a reasonable amount for their copyrighted works, there is no extortion.  If the author charges anything above a reasonable amount, that is extortion which is sin.  The Bible states,

Eze 22:12 In you they have accepted bribes to shed blood; you have taken [forbidden] interest and [percentage of] increase, and you have greedily gained from your neighbors by oppression and extortion and have forgotten Me, says the Lord God.

Current copyright laws have allowed greedy businessmen and corrupt politicians and judges to plunder people by legalized extortion.

Are copyright laws God’s law or man’s law? They are man’s law. If it was a sin to copy materials, it would have been a sin in Adam’s day, in Moses’ day, in Jesus’ day.  For almost 6000 years, it was not a sin to copy materials. Now that copyright laws exist, is it a sin?  Not entirely!

Another approach to this issue is that we need to obey the laws of our nation.  We have speed limits set by government which we should obey.  There are no speed limits in the Bible. Yet God expects to obey those laws.

However, if the governmental laws contradict the God’s laws, the governmental laws can be ignored in favor of God’s laws. Is there Scripture which overrides copyright law? The Bible states,

2Co 2:17 Unlike so many, we do not peddle the word of God for profit. On the contrary, in Christ we speak before God with sincerity, like men sent from God.

The Amplified Bible says it even better,

2Co 2:17 For we are not, like so many, [like hucksters making a trade of] peddling God’s Word [shortchanging and adulterating the divine message]; but like [men] of sincerity and the purest motive, as [commissioned and sent] by God, we speak [His message] in Christ (the Messiah), in the [very] sight and presence of God.

Since copyrights permit authors to profit from the sale of their works and since God forbids the sale of the Word of God for profit, then copyrights cannot apply to the Word of GodGod’s law trumps or overrides copyright law. This includes books, audios, videos, songs or music and all other digital forms of media containing the Word of God.

Why does God forbid the sale of His Word for profit?  The Word of God and hence the anointing is not for sale.  Money can be used as a barrier to the spread of the gospel. In fact, the Lord told me that copyrights are the most effective technique that satan uses to prohibit the spread of the Word of God in the developed world. Satan steals the Word using copyright laws and their enforcement.

Another example of not profiting from the sale of the Word of God is in the book of 2 Kings:

2Ki 5:26 Elisha said to him, Did not my spirit go with you when the man turned from his chariot to meet you? Was it a time to accept money, garments, olive orchards, vineyards, sheep, oxen, menservants, and maidservants?

2Ki 5:27 Therefore the leprosy of Naaman shall cleave to you and to your offspring forever. And Gehazi went from his presence a leper as white as snow.

Gehazi accepted gifts from Naaman even when the prophet of God had told Gehazi not to accept anything.  The penalty for Gehazi’s rebellion was leprosy for him and his family. The penalty for peddling the Word of God is the curse of Gehazi.  This curse needs to be broken by repentance on part of those committing this sin.

To their credit, there are many ministers who do not engage in selling the Word of God for profit.  One notable example is T. L. Osborne.  He states, “You have a right to copy all of my materials.” (pun).

Please pray:

  • That the 5 fold ministers that are peddling the Word of God for profit will repent.
  • That the ungodly copyright and patent laws will be repealed or amended to eliminate extortion.
  • That satan will not be allowed to steal the Word of God using copyrights.
  • That this message will be circulated throughout the body of Christ as the Holy Spirit leads.

No. All of the audio files have been digitally remastered. This means the files have undergone noise reduction, volume adjustments, silence reduction and the removal of “Turn this tape over.” messages where applicable.

The audio files are designed for computers, MP3 players, tablets or cell phones which are streaming devices.

Videos are also reduced.

Ebooks are re-mastered and often BETTER than the originals.

There are a number of ways you can help.

  1. Please spread the word about this web site.  Also, if you are a church or ministry, please includes links in your web site to direct your visitors and members to this web site.
  2. Help in web site development is welcome
  3. Help in graphic arts is welcome.
  4. Help in library science is welcome.
  5. Help in digital conversions is welcome also.
  6. Please provide feedback and suggestions for improving the library.
  7. Pray for the success of this library.
  8. Give money or resources (books, audios, videos) as the Holy Spirit leads.

For more information or details, click on the Contact Us link above.

The best explanation can be provided by the example of Jesus Christ Himself.  Jesus commanded the disciples not to charge for their services:

“As you go, preach this message: “The kingdom of heaven is near. Heal the sick, raise the dead, cleanse those who have leprosy, drive out demons. Freely you have received, freely give.” (Matthew 10:8)

The Scripture says do not charge for preaching, healing, raising the dead, cleansing the lepers and driving out demons.  The Lord states that if the anointing was used to minister and a minister of the gospel paid nothing for the anointing, then the minister of the gospel cannot charge others for something they freely received.

Further, preaching can be oral, written or printed, recorded as on cassettes, DVDs, VHS, MP3, WMA, WMV, MP4, or on any other media.  It is still preaching.  And ministers of the gospel are not to charge for preaching.


What about copyrights?  Copyrights are used to prevent unauthorized copies. There are several purposes for copyrights.

  • To ensure authors get paid for the material.
  • To prevent changes to the material.
  • To prevent unauthorized sales of the material.
  • To prevent distribution of the material to people who are not authorized to receive it.

Regarding the gospel of the Kingdom of God, copyrights violate God’s laws since the gospel is to be given away, it is to be given to all men, and no one including the original authors is to sell it.

Other legal means to protect the gospel are more appropriate such as a Creative Commons Licenses which permits free distribution of content without changes and giving recognition to authors.  The Manna Reserve clearly follows this policy.

Jesus personally operated His ministry based upon the contributions to His ministry.  Jesus never sold or merchandised His Word. For example, He didn’t sell copies of the Sermon on the Mount after His meetings.  He could have hired scribes to write down everything He said and sold the written copies. However, He did not do this.

Out of the 40 authors who wrote the 66 books of the Bible, not one of them insisted on copyright protection or royalties from the sales of their works.

In Deuteronomy 17:18 God commanded kings (we are a royal kingly priesthood) to write for himself on a scroll a copy of the law.

Does this mean that authors and publishers should not sell any type of Christian works?

No. From the above, Jesus did indicate that publishers and authors could charge for the costs of distribution because costs of distribution are not free.

However, Jesus, as He did in His own ministry, expected authors and publishers to be funded by the voluntary contributions of others.

There are two ways you can donate to the library.

1. Donations of Christian books, videos, and audios are greatly appreciated. Please ship donated physical materials to the following address:

Christ’s Church
4300 N Lamont St Suite 253
Las Vegas, NV 89115

Also, send us an email letting us know what, when and by what means you shipped.  Use the Contact Us link to email us.

If you are donating electronic media, as audios, videos or ebooks, please upload the items to a file delivery service as OneDrive or Google Drive or some other service.  Please email us with the download link by using the Contact Us form.

2. Donations of funds to cover the costs of operating The Manna Reserve are welcome. Click on the Donate button from the Home page for PayPal donations.

Note: All donations are tax-deductible.  The Manna Reserve is affiliated with Christ’s Church of Las Vegas, a non-profit Nevada Corporation.  Receipts will be provided for contributions of property or money.

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The Manna Reserve is free and will always be free.

We thank the Heavenly Father for His provision since He is paying for this library!

Also we thank Him for moving on the hearts of many donors who contribute to this ministry.

We thank the many donors who have contributed to this ministry.

We receive donations via PayPal.  However, donations are voluntary as the Holy Spirit leads you. If you wish to donate, click on the Donate menu item above.

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