The Valley of Ono

All of us have gone through the valley of "Oh NO!" at one time or may be in that miserable valley right now! Are you looking for a way out?

In this hilarious and encouraging message from Dr. Jesse Duplantis' early years of ministry, you'll learn how to get through the "oh no"s of life and stand on your rights as a believer.

You'll laugh your socks off as Dr. Jesse Duplantis challenges you to come out of the valley of "Oh No!" and walk victoriously in the promises of God.

Don't let the devil tell you that it's never going to get better...your life can change! Jesus went to the cross and won the victory for you. Learn how to enforce Satan's defeat, walk in your authority as a believer, and get through every valley of life!

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  • Format: Audio (MP3)
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