How can I play the audios in my car or at home?

We do not recommend burning MP3 files to CDs.  The quality of the files is not CD quality so the files on CD will not sound good. Also, it is a waste of CDs.

Of course, all the files can be played on a computer.  However, if you wish to play the files without a computer, you will need a portable MP3 player.

We recommend a portable [b]rechargeable[/b] MP3 player which plays MP3s and WMA files (we use WMA for music).  Usually 2 GB or more in storage works well.

Also, for playing the files in your car you will need an FM transmitter.  This allows you to play the MP3 through the radio in your car.  We recommend an FM transmitter that can be powered by USB or batteries.

The FM transmitter can also be used in your home or office to broadcast the files to any radio in your house or office.

If your MP3 player does not play WMA files, there are computer programs which will convert the WMA files to other formats.

These items can usually be purchased inexpensively on Ebay.

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