11 Ways to Healing – Part 1 of 4 Healing

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In the middle of physical crisis and illness, it is good to know that God has provided special ministry for you. However, the subject of healing continues to stir up controversy and confusion among Christians leaving them in doubt about God’s absolute power to heal today. This series explores the principles found in the Word of God that promise a healing touch from the Father. You will discover: The Eleven Biblical Ways to Healing -Find out the abundant avenues of healing God extends to us. The Meal that Heals – Discover how participation in the sacrament of communion brings health to the receiver. Four Supernatural Steps to Healing – Learn what the Christian should do in his heart and life in order to prepare to receive healing. Six Kinds of Healing for You – Consider the six levels of sickness and six types of healing presented in scripture and determine what to claim for your particular need.


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