2004 Mumbai, India Miracle Crusade

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The Miracle of Mumbai

Massive crowds—4.8 million people. Transformed lives. Beautiful faces. Penetrating eyes filled with spiritual hunger. Miracles of healing and salvation. Multitudes of upraised hands praising God. Tear-stained faces beaming with awe and wonder at God’s healing touch.

Join the millions who attended “The Festival of Blessing” in Mumbai, India. Gaze upon the endless sea of people—a crowd that stretched more than a mile from the platform and disappeared into the horizon.

Rejoice with the precious people of India as cancerous tumors disappear, blind eyes receive their sight, deaf ears hear, and the crippled and lame begin to walk.

Experience the crowning moment of the final service as Pastor Benny wipes away tears and responds to a desperate woman’s quest to find “The Greatest Miracle”—Jesus Christ.

What you are about to see is only the beginning of “the miracle of Mumbai.” Now, get ready for an experience that will change your life!


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