21 Days to Your Debt Freedom (Copeland and Pearsons)

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Author(s): Gloria Copeland and George Pearsons
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Are you serious about getting out of debt? If so, 21 Days to Your Debt Freedom has been designed just for you. This “debt-free seminar” contains 20 individual topics from Pastor George Pearsons and Gloria Copeland’s teaching on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast. Each session will help you take the necessary spiritual steps to renew your mind, build your faith, and immerse yourself in God’s plan for debt-free living.

It’s time to get started! Conduct your own “debt-free seminar” at home with your family right away. Watch and study one message each day for the next 21 days. The result? You will reach a new level of believing God as your capacity to receive your debt freedom enlarges, expands and increases! Debt free living—here we come!

This series includes a special bonus session by Pastor George and John Copeland, “Top 10 Debt-Freedom Strategies.”


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