A Change of Mind

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A Change of Mind—You Really Can Change!

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or break a bad habit, you already know that change—real change-comes hard. Repeated failures may have even convinced you it’s all but impossible.

But here’s good news. Your search for a brighter future doesn’t have to be littered with broken promises and discarded resolutions. You CAN change, if you know the practical, biblical keys to renewing your mind. And You’ll find them in this life-transforming series by Mac Hammond. In it,you’ll discover:

• How a distorted perception of yourself can lock you into had situations (Message 1, What Do You See?”)
• The three levels of mental activity and how to put them to work for you instead of against you (Message 2,”Thoughts, Imaginations and Strongholds”)
• How to appropriate God’s supernatural power to conquer stubborn habits and compulsive behaviors (Message 3, “When Willpower Isn’t Enough”)
• What you can do to fill your mind with thoughts that will make your life productive and blessed (Message 4, “Housecleaning and Refurnishing”)
• Three revelations that will change you forever and launch you into God’s perfect will for your life (Message 5, “Discovering Your Destiny, Identity and Abilities”)
• The secret of throwing off the bondages of darkness and living in the light of God (Message 6, “Uncovering the Real You”)


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