A Merry Heart Doeth Good Like a Medicine

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Author(s): Jesse Duplantis
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This special collection of humorous and heart-touching sermon illustrations will have you laughing and shouting for joy! This compilation includes:

Embarrassing Sin in an Airplane from Factors of the New Birth
Fred and the Outhouse from Boldness
Trash Gumbo from Ingredients of Our Covenant
Praying for a Hot Dog from Sitting On Your Problems
Night with a Swaying Demon from It’s Fun Being Saved
Apologizing to Beau Jacque from Hearing God’s Voice
I Like Varicose Veins from Why Should I Be Saved?
Dracula and Pleading the Blood from Living Letters
Fight at the Airport! from Living In the Flesh By the Faith of the Son of God
Fear of a Headless Chicken from Keep Your Foot on the Devil’s Neck
Warning! Plane Problems! from It’s Fun Being Saved
Hey You with the Long Hair! from God’s Not Enough, He’s Too Much

Each story in this volume is taken from a full length message by Dr. Jesse Duplantis.


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