A Seed Will Meet Any Need

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NO MATTER WHAT YOUR NEED—A SEED CAN MEET IT! Many Christians have grasped the reality of sowing and reaping in the area of finances. They understand that the answer to their money problems lies in their sowing—in their giving of offerings.

But what about other problems? Not everyone has financial needs. And while almost everyone would like to do better than they’re doing and have more than they have, money is not always the problem they’re facing. Their problem could be in their home or family, on their job, or in their body.

In his book A Seed Will Meet Any Need, Bishop Keith A. Butler soundly establishes based on the Scripture that your financial seed can meet any need that you have. Subjects covered include:

  • The roles of obedience, faith, and seed in receiving your need met.
  • How to reap protection, favor, healing, and provision by sowing your best seed!
  • Right and wrong ways to give to God.
  • The difference between the law of Genesis and the laws of the Spirit.
  • How the sowing of your financial seed can be reaped for years to come!

Do you have a need? Your seed can meet it!


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