A Thousand Years of Peace

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Author(s): Gordon Lindsay
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Gordon Lindsay was a specialist in last-day prophecy. He took very seriously the end-time prophecies which other theologians sometimes deemed lightly. Perhaps the clearest example of this is his interpretation of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ upon this earth.

While Lindsay realized that perilous days lay ahead for mankind (i. e. wars, atomic destruction, germ warfare, dictators, etc), he foresaw brighter times. It is this new Kingdom of God on earth which he depicts with scriptural clarity. What will life be like during this one thousand years of peace? Will people grow old? Will all men be believers? How will people be governed? Will peaceful men ever be deceived again?

These are some of the questions Gordon Lindsay answers in this book. It is must reading to all those who dream and pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”
—Bob Summers CFN Editor


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