Anointings and Mantles

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Corporately speaking, there is an anointing on the whole
Church. In the Great Commission, Jesus instructed the Church ‘Lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover.’ (Mark 16:18).

“God anoints some people to heal, just like He anoints some to preach and do other things, because there are different types of anointings. When the Body of Christ starts to discern these things, great blessings will come, corporately speaking.

“The anointing is God’s business as Operator and Director of the Church. This is the way it operates: God says, ‘Now, the people are coming to this meeting tonight, and I’m going to orchestrate it. This is what I want done.’ He tells Jesus, the Administrator, and Jesus instructs the Holy Spirit, the One who manifests God’s will.

“We ministers must be sensitive enough to follow the Spirit of God, allowing Him to appear and manifest through us. That’s why we need to be found before the Lord and not socializing too much with the people. That’s why we’re not given to ‘serve tables’ (Acts 6:2). That’s why God has sent us the ministry of helps. We’ve got to be before the Lord in prayer and meditation so we can walk in that anointing.”

—ED DUFRESNE in Anointings and Mantles


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