Basic Prophetic Training

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Author(s): Steve Thompson, Robin McMillan, Matt Peterson
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This series is designed to shed light on the basic and fundamental ways that God speaks. Teaching from scripture and personal experience, the speakers share keys to recognizing the voice of the Lord, wisdom for effectively administering prophecy, and principles for accurate interpretation.

“Prophetic Training” 101 by Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson lays a solid foundation for hearing and recognizing God’s voice. He also addresses some common misconceptions surrounding prophecy.

“Basic Prophetic Training” by Robin McMillan

Robin McMillan shares keys to hearing God’s voice and talks about the importance of faith as we step out to minister.
“Prophetic Empowerment” by Matt Peterson and Steve Thompson

Matt and Steve build upon Steve’s first message as they take a more in-depth look at prophecy and hearing God’s voice. They also offer practical wisdom for stepping out in faith and helpful insights for delivering a prophetic word.
“Understanding Interpretation” by Matt Peterson and Steve Thompson

Matt and Steve continue with the training as they delve into the area of interpretation. They share fundamental principles for accurately interpreting prophetic revelation and understanding what God is saying to us.


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