Be a Vessel of Honor

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Author(s): Gloria Copeland
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Are You Living a Life of Honor or Destruction?

Perhaps you have wandered off the path of living a holy life and feel like you arc trapped. There is hope for you. God wants you to be free.

In this powerful little book, Gloria Copeland outlines the steps you can take to get back on the road to living holy. It doesn’t matter if the strongest addiction in the world is holding you back, God can set you free.

Christians today have more revelation of the Word of God than any other generation. Yet the world around us is growing more and more evil every day. How are believers supposed to live in the midst of such evil? Gods direction is very clear: abstain from evil. This means don’t participate in it, don’t watch it, don’t feed on it—don’t have anything to do with it. God wants His people to be holy and set apart from evil!

You were not created to be a vessel of destruction. Be a vessel of honor. The choice is yours to start living that way!


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