Be Bold and Walk Tall

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Author(s): Lester Sumrall
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Have you had disadvantages in your life? Are you going through hard times? Then this book is for you!

Learn how a little mistreated boy, born and raised in poverty, hatred and slavery became a mighty man of God. Learn how an eighty-year-old sheepherder became a mighty leader of God’s people out of Egypt.

What did these men have that you don’t? NOTHING! They just had confidence and faith that God is good, that He is always right, ana that He is in charge. They had the boldness to see themselves taller than any giant they faced. With the principles outlined in this book, you can enter your Promised Land, too— all you have to do is be bold and walk tall in God!

• A Slave Who Was Bold and Walked Tall
• The Man Who Asked for a Mountain
• The Sheepherder Who Became Bold
• Five Sins That Hinder Boldness
• Boldness Influences People for God


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