Becoming a Commander of Covenant Wealth

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Author(s): Leroy Thompson
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No More Asking!

God Wants You to Become a Commander of Covenant Wealth!

“If you’re in the Body of Christ, you are legally and positionally far above debt, far above lack, far above poverty, far above any works of the devil. But you have to know it and act like it’s true for it to produce something in your life.” That’s the bold declaration by Dr. Leroy Thompson in this remarkable new book. In this book, Becoming a Commander of Covenant Wealth, you will receive help to build your faith for finances and teach you how to get to the place where you’re not asking but commanding wealth on behalf of the Father. You will command wealth to use as the Father sees fit when you partner with Him in every area of your life.

Chapter titles include:

Once You’ve Located Yourself, It’s Easy To Locate Covenant Wealth!
Wealth By Works—How To Bypass the Covenant and Forsake Your Blessing
Seedtime and Miracle-Multiplication Harvest
Having the Right Mindset for Miracle Money
Manifestation Secrets
How to Receive a Prophetic Breakthrough
And many more!


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