Becoming Subject to the Authority of Jesus

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Becoming Subject To the Authority Of Jesus

These are the best of times and the worst of times … and you’re at a crossroad with a choice to make. Will you allow God to step into your life and use you as a willing vessel? Or will you choose to do things your own way?

In this five-message series by Kenneth Copeland, which is vitally important for the time we live in, you’ll learn how to:
• invite God into your household as well as your day-to-day living
• live a life of submission and obedience to the Spirit of God
• defeat–once and for all—any adversity that comes against you

Let Jesus become part of your life like never before by Becoming Subject to the Authority of Jesus…and watch the supernatural become the norm!

Message titles include:
• Becoming Subject to the Authority of Jesus
• Obedience
• Stop the fear Only Believe
• Jesus the Anointed One
• Authority: The Word of God


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