Bible Foods that Heal

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Author(s): Benny Hinn
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Foods of the Bible can bring healing to you! More than ever today, we need to turn to God’s Word for revelation on how to boost our immune system, maintain our ideal weight, have abundant energy, and live a life of sustained health.

Bible Foods That Heal highlights the phenomenal health benefits of the seven living Bible foods found in Deuteronomy 8:7-9:

Wheat • Barley • Vines • Figs Olive Oil • Honey • Pomegranates

“You can apply the miraculous principles in God’s Word to see your health renewed and restored today! It is God’s will for you to be healthy and stay healthy. I believe in healing, but I also believe in divine health. It is my prayer that the Lord will cause you to live long and prosper in the land He has given to you.”
—Pastor Benny Hinn


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