Bill Bright Receives the Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion

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Dr. Bill Bright received the 1996 Templeton Prize for Progress on Religion in private ceremonies at Buckingham Palace in London on May 8th. In his public acceptance address in Rome on May 9th, Dr. Bright described how his encounter with Christ dramatically changed his life and led to the founding of Campus Crusade for Christ International with his wife, Vonette, in 1951.

Global investor Sir John Marks Templeton described Dr. Bright as “an example of how one can do wonderful, new things in only 45 years to build a large, effective, organization.” Mr. Templeton founded the annual award to exceed the monetary value of the Nobel Prize and other awards to honor living persons who have made an original contribution to the understanding of God.

Dr. Bright designated the proceeds to encourage and teach Christians to fast and pray for worldwide spiritual renewal and fulfillment of the Great Commission by the end of the year 2000.


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