Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord

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It’s More Than a Book; It’s an Experience

Even believers get caught up in the hectic pace of modern life. They get so busy with secular or ministerial work, family life, and just day-to-day tasks that sometimes the cares of life seem almost too heavy to bear.

Kenneth E. Hagin has the answers in his classic, well-loved sermon “Casting Your Cares Upon the Lord,” which is now available in book form.

The sweet, anointed message of this book will wash over you like the biblical “balm of Gilead,” soothing those cares and giving you strength in your pilgrim journey.

Casting Your Cares is more than a book; it is an experience — and an experience that has blessed its countless readers. They write telling of lives changed, bodies healed, and burdens lifted as a result of reading Casting Your Cares and following Rev. Hagin’s good-humored, commonsense advise. (And if you know any “world champion worriers,” this is the book for them!)


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