Conquering the Spirit of Offense

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Author(s): Carolyn Savelle
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We have all had our feelings hurt at some time in our lives. Some of us have even been abused verbally, mentally or physically. Some of us may have felt violated at some point, and have never been able to forget the pain that was felt. When feelings are hurt, it opens the door for a spirit of offense to come in.

In this life changing book, Carolyn Savelle shares eye-opening revelation into the devastating reality of the spirit of offense. This powerful subject is a must for every Believer to understand.
She shares the following vital keys to help you progress in life:

• How to get over your past
• How to forgive those who have hurt you
• How to destroy the walls you’ve built around you
• How to overcome being easily offended
• How to avoid offending others
• How to keep a silent mouth
• How to obtain the harvest you’re entitled to, and
• How to be the success God has called you to be!

The choice is yours. You can either hold on to the offense and let it destroy your life, or you can choose to forgive and live a victorious life in Christ Jesus.

God has designed you for a purpose. Don’t let Satan destroy it because of a wounded heart.

It’s time to release all unforgiveness from your heart once and for all. Forget it, forgive and move on with God. Your life depends on it!


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