Devil, Don’t Touch My Stuff!

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Author(s): Ed Dufresne
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The inspiration for this book came from my son, Stephen. While with us on a ministry trip, he unpacked all his toys on some hotel shelves, placing them neatly in a row. Holding his sheriff’s badge in his hand, he proudly called to my wife, “Mommy, do you know what this badge means?” Then he boldly stated, as he carefully propped the badge on the shelf in front of his toys, “That means, don’t touch my stuff!”
Do you know what your “stuff” is? It’s your family, your money, your goods, your house, your health, and anything else that belongs to you.

This book was written so adult believers could also grasp the vital concept of the authority Jesus gave us over Satan and his kingdom—the authority that allows us to say, “Devil, don’t touch my stuff!”
—Dr. Ed Dufresne


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