Difficult Questions Concerning Divine Healing Answered

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It was my responsibility in many of the great deliverance revivals to conduct instruction services. This brought me in direct contact with thousands of people, who sought special assistance for their problems. Realizing that it was physically impossible for me to deal personally with each inquirer, I initiated a special question period at the close of each service. These proved to be immensely profitable and satisfying to all concerned. The question period has been continued regularly in many services I have conducted since. This book incorporates the questions which have been most frequently asked. Some of the questions which are answered in the following pages are:

  • Was Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” blindness?
  • Does God heal children of unsaved parents?
  • Is it possible for one to be healed and the affliction come back on him again?
  • Should a diabetic who has been prayed for quit taking insulin?
  • What about this new doctrine of “Immortality of the flesh”?
  • Does the devil ever heal people?
  • Does God send sickness upon people?
  • Can deaf mutes talk immediately after healing?
  • Why should God permit a child to have polio?



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