Divine Healing

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God wants you healthy!

Sickness is a defeated foe. Jesus died on the cross to redeem us not only from sin but also from sickness! He has given every believer the power to take authority over the devil, who is the one responsible for sickness. This means you have the power of authority over sickness and disease in your life!

God’s Word is clear regarding the issue of healing: it is God’s will that you walk in health. This book shows you how to receive the healing that is already yours. It is up to you to find out what God promises you in His Word so you can take hold of His healing power by faith.

In Divine Healing: God’s Recipe for Life and Health, best-selling author Norvel Hayes explains the different ways you can receive healing, including:

♦ By the laying on of hands
♦ Through the head of the household
♦ By the gifts of healing
♦ Through anointing with oil
♦ Through special miracles

Don’t let sickness rule your life anymore. Today is the day for your divine healing!


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