Don’t Park Here!

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Author(s): Oral Roberts
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In this world people seem to be eternally on the lookout for a place to park. Everywhere you look you see signs that say, “No Parking Allowed.” In spite of all the warnings, many people often park not only their vehicles but also their minds, their bodies, and their souls as well. Yet one of the single threads running throughout the Bible is the message, DON’T PARK HERE!

God has a calling and a purpose for you. He has put a plan for your life in your heart that is His highest calling in life for you! BUT YOU CAN’T REACH IT BY PARKING!

In this new book, Oral Roberts shows you how to move out of the “No Parking” zones of life and become the man or woman of God that you were created to be. Each Bible-based chapter is packed with powerful teachings designed to reveal the traps satan uses to cause you to park.

Learn how to keep the engine running, how to keep your soul in tune with God, HOW TO STOP PARKING, AND HOW TO GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE SO YOU CAN REACH AHEAD TO THE GLORIOUS FUTURE GOD HAS FOR YOU!


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