Dreams Really Do Come True – It Can Happen to You!

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There have always been men and women who refused to allow the restrictions of their surroundings to limit their dreams. These were people who stood head and shoulders above others stretching themselves and their faith to see God’s plan come to pass.

Dreams are the God-given desires of your heart in seed form. God gave Joseph a dream, but he was no dreamer—at least not the kind most people think about.

Joseph didn’t merely fantasize about the future, he believed the dream, he embraced his dream, he ran toward his dream, he refused to let go of his dream, and ultimately he lived his dream. He possessed the rare ingredients it takes to obtain remarkable results.

Joseph refused to compromise, but remained faithful to the dream God had given him. He would not let lies, hatred, abuse or jealousy turn him into a cynic. He kept his focus on the God he served and the dream in his heart.

Today, you have in your heart hopes and dreams—many of them are truly God-given. He expects you to unwrap them, nurture and feed them, believe and receive them. He has a beautiful course laid before each person waiting to be discovered.


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