Featured eBook – September 2017 – Evangelism: A Concise History

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Here’s a book you dare not pick up if you have an appointment within ten minutes. You may miss the appointment. Some readers have picked up the book to read a page here or there—only to realize that fifteen minutes elapsed and they had read twenty pages.

Mark Terry weaves a fascinating account of the human means God has used to communicate the Good News from generation to generation.

The story begins with Jesus and the apostles. Continues with church fathers, revivalists, scholars, pietists, reformers, personal witnesses, mass evangelists, media evangelists. All so different yet bound together by a passion to communicate the grace of God they’ve experienced in Christ. With one voice, they like the apostles, say, “We cannot keep from speaking about what we have seen and heard.” ‘The most readable book on this crucial subject…”

“This is the most readable book on this crucial subject that I have ever read. Simplicity, coupled with an amazing amount of important factual data, are prominent features of this excellent work. Mark Terry has done Christians everywhere an immense favor in authoring this fascinating book.”
Roy Fish
Professor of Evangelism
Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Any pastor or Christian leader who is interested in evangelism should have access to this volume. It will balance current methodologies and will inform of other options. This handy reference will be one that Christian leaders will use on many occasions. It has already proven to be helpful to me and I commend it to all who share a passion for seeing the lost discover Jesus Christ.”
Joseph C. Aldrich
President Multnomah School of the Bible

“Mark Terry skillfully summarizes the main currents of 2000 years of proclaiming the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is a valuable study and research tool.”
Dr. Bill Bright
Founder and President
Campus Crusade for Christ International

“There is a silver cord binding the church together through time, reaching back to the original heartbeat of the founder of our faith. It is a passion for souls the passion that look Christ to the cross, inflamed the first disciples and still leads believers today to plead that they see this world through their Father’s eyes. Mark Terry has performed a valuable service in tracing that heritage through almost 2000 years of unbroken evangelistic effort. May God raise up more ‘gap men’ (as Moody coined the term) to maintain the continuity into the Twenty-First Century.”
Jack Wyrtzen Founding Director
World of Life Fellowship, Inc.


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