Failure is Not an Option

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You Can Believe and Succeed!

Do you realize that Jesus never taught us to fail in life? No, He taught us to BELIEVE and SUCCEED!

Even though there are many options you can take in life, as a believer in Jesus Christ, failure should NOT be one of them. Get ready to adopt a fearless mindset grounded in ramped-up faith that will propel you into victorious living. In this liberating message, Jesse will challenge you, encourage you, and teach you how:

  • To always aim for more than enough
  • To always separate yourself from the opinions of the crowd
  • You can never impoverish God
  • Trust always gives rise to words and action
  • And much more!

Start living the life your Father designed for you and be a success going somewhere to succeed. Learn how to stand in the strength of God because with Him, you CANNOT fail!



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