Faith-Guarding Kids in Troubled Times

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Author(s): Charlotte Rahrig
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OUR CHILDREN ARE IN THE MIDST OF A BATTLE. They arc being hit from all sides by enemies they can’t even sec. And many parents and children’s workers sit helplessly on the sidelines, not knowing what to do.

SO HERE’S HELP! Charlotte Rahrig has been on the front lines of this battle for over a decade. God has shown her how to confront these issues with children, realistically and foundationally, with the Truth of God’s Word. The ideas and activities she presents here have worked— not only with her own kids, but with thousands of others in schools, hospitals, and churches,


â–  Keep your kids free from fear, confusion, despair, and rebellion.
â–  Counter the lie of evolution.
â–  Build in your children a strong sense of self-worth based on God’s love.
â–  Teach your kids how to receive wisdom and guidance from God.
â–  Show your children the reality of eternity.

Over 35 simple & fun activities to do with your kids that will guard & equip them to live victoriously in faith!


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