Family Life Transitions

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Lynnie Walker’s Family Life Transitions leads you through the difficult times of the transitions of life. Transitions such as leaving your single lifestyle and being married; the important transitions as children grow up and mature; and the often difficult transition of retirement. Transitions are usually brief, but how we approach these transitional moments greatly impacts the way we will live out the rest of the post transitional period.

I have known Lynnie Walker for more than thirty years. I have watched her consistently apply in her own life the principles found in this book. Time after time she has risen to the occasion. She really is what one author calls “more than a conqueror”. I know that whoever applies these principles in their own live will see the same results of good things coming from difficult circumstances.

Dennis Walker—Her Husband

Lynnie is a wonderful example of a woman who lives what she teaches. She is a good friend and we have spent an extended period of time in her home and witnessed the calm way she responds to challenging situations. Her children have a firm foundation in the principles Lynnie teaches and are further examples of a life dedicated to truth, grace, and dignity.

John and Glenna Miller—Joshua World Ministries


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