Featured EBook – July 2019 – How You Can Pray In the End of Days (BBrim)

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Billye Brim has now written the book that Kenneth E. Hagin prophesied she must write back in the early 1980s.

The Word of the Lord through Kenneth E. Hagin was that the seasoned prayer warriors that he and she knew so well were going to start going home. And that she must get out of them what they knew about secrets of prayer or it would be lost. (Billye Brim knew and fellowshipped with people who prayed on a level many Christians hardly know exists.) The Lord led her to bring those together in a meeting in Los Angeles in April 1983.

Much of what they taught her, and of what the Lord has taught her in more than 30 years of her God-given assignment to “help the pray-ers” she has just put together in this book. It comes at this time when the Lord needs the Body of Christ to work with Him in these days that the Bible calls “the end of days.”

John Wesley said, “It seems that God can do nothing in the earth, except a man asks Him.” This true statement has everything to do with man’s authority, especially in prayer.

In 1995 when the Lord led Billye Brim to establish the special place of prayer now known as Prayer Mountain in the Ozarks, He said to her it was for two purposes:

  1. To pray in the plans of God.
  2. To stop the strategies of the enemy.

That’s what this book is about—working with God in these end of days. Some topics covered are:

  • Awakenings and How to Pray for An Awakening
  • How to Pray for Israel
  • Praying the Plans of God into the Earth
  • Ruling over Satan and the Kingdom of Darkness
  • Praying in Tongues


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