Flowing in the Holy Ghost

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A Practical and Powerful Series on the Gifts of the Spirit

This four-part series on “Flowing in the Holy Ghost” reveals some practical aspects of the gifts. Discover how you can cooperate and flow with the Spirit of God. Learn how to yield to Him, which will enable you to be a vessel that He can use. You will find yourself walking in the supernatural only as you stir yourself up in the Holy Spirit.

God is not looking for perfect people—just yielded vessels through whom He can flow to touch the lives of hurting humanity. God uses us in spite of us, not because of us but because of Jesus and because we offer ourselves to Him and say, “Lord, use me.”

Part 1—Laying the Foundation
What are the gifts of the Spirit? How many gifts are there? Why has God placed them in the body? The key to operating in the gifts.

Part 2—The Gifts of Utterance
The gifts of Utterance say something. Through these gifts, God speaks to the Church.

Part 3—The Gifts of Power
The gifts of power do something. Through these gifts we see the manifestation of God’s power operating in the lives of people.

Part 4—The Revelation Gifts
These gifts are set in the Church by the Lord Jesus Christ to reveal things. When they begin to operate, you will know things.


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