Framing Your World With Your Words

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When was the last time everything in your life was proceeding exactly as you had planned? With all the pressures and problems in life, it’s hard to imagine that we have the power to conquer it all. Well, you can! By speaking the words that God speaks, you have all the material you need by which you construct your emotions, your finances… your marriage… and your life!

In this powerful teaching, you will learn how to use your words to change every negative circumstance in your life, how to be a prophet of your own life and restore order where there is chaos. You will discover that by speaking to your problem rather than about it, you will begin to experience unshakable joy and have the confidence that your words will change your life forever!

You can know confidently that by framing your life with God’s words, you are building it with the material that will withstand any pressure that comes against it!


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