Fruit of the Spirit: Joy (Copeland)

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Author(s): Gloria Copeland
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“The fruit of the spirit are spiritual forces that work much like antioxidants, renewing our youth, protecting us and defending us from the attacks of the devil.” —Gloria Copeland

Renew your inner strength through the spiritual fruit of joy! It’s not dependent on outward conditions—or even the ebb and flow of your emotions. Your joy comes from your relationship with the Lord—poured into your life as you abide in the love of God!

In this series you’ll learn:

  • How to reduce your stress level
  • The answer to overcoming depression
  • How joy helps in receiving the things God has already given to you
  • Where to find true happiness
  • And more!

Learn more about the strength that will help you make it through even the most discouraging times. Discover the invincible fruit of joy, today!


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