Getting Happiness to Flow Daily in Your Life

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You Can Be Happy Every Day!

Are you ready to get happy and stay happy? The truth is that as a believer, you have the capacity to flow in true happiness—the happiness of God—every day of your life.

Join Jesse in this highly motivating, classic message, preached at a motorcycle rally, and learn how the wisdom of God—Jesus Christ—is the key to a continually happy Christian life. You will discover how:

  • Happiness can only come by understanding the ways of the Lord
  • The eye gate, the ear gate, and the mouth gate are the reservoirs for happiness
  • Wisdom in the Word opens up the spirit and soul to joy
  • Believing all things in His Word produces promises, not compromise

Today, you can walk in the happiness of God no matter where you are. Make up your mind to passionately seek Him and believe Him continually. Find wisdom and be happy every day!


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