Featured Audio – February 2006 – Glory School

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“Are you ready? Are you hungry? How hungry? Do you desire to be introduced to truth that will enable you to soar in His awesome goodness? Are you desiring to know the Holy Spirit in a personal way? Are you desiring to be a passionate worshipper of Jesus Christ? You are? Good!

The Kingdom of Heaven is so very rich and full of your Saviour’s love. You, as God’s child, are invited to explore it’s height, length, depth and breadth through the ministry of His Holy Spirit.

This course is designed to acquaint you with the truth of God’s Word concerning who you are in Christ, and what wonderful benefits have been granted to you as a believer in Him. You are able to access the throne of grace by faith and enjoy the very Presence of God. You will learn how to worship and intercede from the throne room perspective.

YOU are invited to lay hold of every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ. He loves and adores YOU!

This course will equip you to be a solid, hungry, passionate and fulfilled believer in Christ. You will grow through this teaching to be one who worships and adores Him with all that is within you!

This series includes teaching on:

  • The Cross and the Covenant
  • New Creation Realities
  • The Person of the Holy Spirit
  • Faith
  • the Word
  • Rewards of Holiness
  • Daily Disciplines for Experiencing Heavenly Glory
  • Spiritual Mapping: “Mapping the Throne Zone”
  • Hearing the Voice of God
  • Experiencing the Third Heaven
  • Angelic Majesties
  • The Fire
  • The Glory and Heavenly Provision


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