Featured EBook – June 2019 – God Can Do It Again (KKuhlman)

Format: eBook (PDF)
Author(s): Kathryn Kuhlman
File size: 2,487,422 bytes
Downloads: 390


This best-selling book brings together the first-person stories of several people who have been cured of ills ranging from multiple sclerosis to spiritual emptiness. Each page radiates with God’s love for all mankind. Read these amazing testimonies wrought by God’s extraordinary servant and know that God can do it again for you!

“I praised as I have never praised.”
I heard Miss Kuhlman say, “Do not see Kathryn Kuhlman. Forget the one standing next to you. Look up and see Jesus, for He is the One who will give you the desire of your heart.” Lifting my hand upward, I quietly said, “Lord I will take that healing.”

See the power and love of God at work.
This is the newly-reprinted classic by the most extraordinarily anointed woman of her time. Each chapter contains another person’s story. Each of these ordinary people, having nowhere left to turn, experienced the willingness of God to touch them right where they stood!


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