God’s Banking System

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Is your money safe and secure?

Are you trusting in the world’s financial system that is unstable, ever changing, and often left to chance? Instead, trust in God’s banking system, where your money is multiplied beyond measure and safe and secure because it is founded on the rock of Jesus Christ. God’s banking system is the only one that never has a recession.

The Lord has not called us to poverty; He has called us to prosperity, and He has given us the power, favor, ability, and principles to get wealth…. So if we aren’t walking in the exceedingly abundant overflow, either we don’t have the knowledge of how to walk in it, or we are refusing to act on what we know. I have written this book because I want God’s people to know what He has for them and how to walk in it.

Just as many things on earth are patterned after heaven, so is our banking system patterned after God’s. Dr. Harrison shows the correlation between checking, savings, and loans, with tithes, offerings, and alms. These dynamic truths will teach you:

  • How to operate in God’s financial system
  • What true prosperity is
  • How to walk in abundance
  • The truth about the tithe
  • Why tithing is the key to financial success

You no longer need to be in bondage to lack and debt. We serve a heavenly father who is a gift giving God—more than able and willing to supply beyond our needs and expectations. Stop trusting solely on the world’s financial system and start investing in God’s banking system today!


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