God's Debt Free Guarantee

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Author(s): John Avanzini
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If faithfully making your payments month after month would get you out of debt, why aren’t you debt free today?

The truth is, over 95 percent of the people in debt, faithfully pay their bills every month. However, most of them will still be in debt when they reach retirement age. Don’t let this happen to you!

You can receive a debt-free guarantee from God! That’s right. By following the simple steps outlined in this book, you will energize your out-of-debt program with the supernatural power of God Himself.

After years of study, John Avanzini has gathered together five powerful strategies from the Word of God that guarantee to bring God’s help to your out-of-debt program. Don’t waste another minute trying to get out of debt the way the lenders tell you. God’s way is the superior way. God’s Word guarantees it!


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