God’s New Shoes for You

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Stop for just a minute and take a look at the “shoes” you are wearing right now. Are they shoes of discouragement, shoes of frustration, shoes of bitterness and anger? Are they shoes from the past with no hope for the future? Are they hurting you on every side? Where are you taking your shoes, and more important, where are your shoes taking you?

Are you constantly living in the shoes of a  failure, thinking you are never going to get out of your present situation? Then perhaps you are a candidate for a new pair of shoes-gospel shoes.

In this new book, discover spiritual insight into the life of Moses, a man who put on the shoes of the Gospel and went from being a failure and a murderer to becoming the deliverer of the entire Hebrew nation. Through this Bible-based teaching, learn how you can take off the old worn out shoes of sickness and disease, financial setbacks, problems and struggles, and put on a new pair of gospel shoes!

God can set your feet on the path of a fresh, new walk with Him, and He can give you divine, Holy Ghost victory for your life!


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