God’s Shield of Protection

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Author(s): Mike Servello
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Wars. Terrorists. Disease, tragedy and Devastation. In the midst of today’s troubled times, we are all desperately searching for the Lord’s peace and protection.

If we are to withstand Satan’s attempts to destroy us and cripple us with fear; we have to learn to be pro-active in prayer concerning ourselves, our family, our friends, our nation and all that God has given us.

According to God’s word, it is possible through fervent, effectual prayer to live under Divine protection and to construct prayer hedges around your life and home that Satan cannot penetrate.
Inside God’s Shield of Protection, you’ll learn what rightly belongs to you as God’s child, how to stay protected through intercession and how to build effective prayer hedges including: Mental Hedges, Emotional Hedges, Physical Hedges, Spiritual Hedges, Moral Hedges, Financial Hedges, and Ministerial Hedges.

Prepare for every area of your life to be changed as you begin to integrate the principles found in this powerful book into your daily prayer life.

This book has the keys of binding the enemy that wants to destroy and loosing God’s protective shield. Mike has provided the answer to all who are desiring to know how to pray in times of crisis. This book is a must read!
Prophet, Teacher, Evangelist, Missionary

I recommend this book very highly. It is more than simply a textbook; it is a product of his life and ministry and an example for us to follow.
Senior Pastor City Bible Church, Portland, Oregon

Every Christian needs to read this book. The truth and practice of praying God’s protection authorizes God to send His holy angels to supernaturally preserve and protect us. These prayers are not prayed from fear and worry but from biblical knowledge, faith and confidence.
Bishop/Apostle, Christian International Ministries


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