Gossip-Talking Your Way to Hell

Format: eBook (PDF)
Author(s): Zona Hayes-Cornelison
File size: 799,898 bytes
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There is a kingdom on the inside of each of us. Either Jesus sits on the throne, or the devil sits on the throne.

In this book, Zona Hayes Cornelison shows how our words affect our lives. The smallest word of judgment can open the door for the devil to attack. When you talk about another person, you give place to the devil. As Christians we need to look at the person’s heart and not on their appearance.

The Lord wants our lives to be so filled with His love that when someone attacks us, we can be ready to forgive immediately, never affecting the love we should have for them.

This is not a game we are playing. One quick word can cause a long time of sorrow. This is why it is imperative that we guard our mind, our mouth and our heart. We must pray daily to have the mind, the mouth and the heart of Christ.


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