Grace: Power Beyond Your Ability

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If ever man had a need, it is for grace from God. From the most talented person to the one who feels least qualified, grace from God is desperately needed.

Grace is God’s empowering within your heart to do what you cannot do alone. When problems or insufficiency seem to stand in your way like a mountain, His grace keeps you strong and moving ahead into His perfect plan.

Grace grows as you come before the throne of grace and enter His presence. There you must absorb His love and attitude. You take on His character and compassion. He will impart to you His very heart to share with others.

Jesus has given you an entrance to the throne of grace to obtain all the strength and resources you need. Enter by faith and receive from Him.

If you will embrace the grace in which you are to walk, and if you will be a wise steward over it, you will flourish in the direction He takes you. It will be accompanied by a peaceful and satisfied soul.

His callings are callings of grace; His gifts of the Holy Spirit are gifts of grace. You can grow in the grace of God and complete all He has desired for you.


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