Great Expectation Produces Great Faith and Great Results (JDuplantis)

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What are you willing to believe?

What are you expecting to happen today? God created you to live in expectancy—in expectation so great that your faith will grow and open up Heaven’s gates to you. But it takes more than pure will to birth godly results in any area of your life. Jesse Duplantis brings you an eye-opening teaching fortified with biblical illustrations that will breathe fresh revelation, new joy, and determined perseverance in you. Get ready to embrace your God-given faith like never before as you learn:

  • Faith is the womb where revelation takes its first breath
  • Great expectation is a link in the chain of God’s design
  • Great faith will get you noticed—it will get you a personal interview with Jesus
  • It is the willing and obedient life which creates and nurtures the atmosphere for faith to breathe and grow
  • Refusing to be offended is a strength you must develop in order to succeed God’s way
  • And more!

Don’t be an accident waiting to happen—be a success waiting to be birthed! Make up your mind right now that nothing and no one is going to stop you from getting the results you are trusting God for. What are you willing to believe? God is waiting and ready to deliver!


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