Guardian Angels

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Author(s): Roy Hicks
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Angels—God’s heavenly, beautiful creatures. People are accepting the existence of angels and need to know how to release the ministry of angels in their lives. In Guardian Angels, Dr. Roy Hicks uses the Word of God as the basis to explain God’s purpose and design for angels.

Dr. Hicks answers questions that many Christians have wondered all their lives about angels. He will equip you to receive the ministry of angels and to understand what causes an angel to act for you. He will stir up your faith with the “Angel Chronicles—testimonies from believers who have experienced firsthand the awesome actions of angels.

You will learn:

  • How to get into position to receive the ministry of angels
  • How God sometimes uses angels to speak with and warn humans
  • How worship affects the presence of angels
  • How the power of words will influence angels
  • How guardian angels protect people of all ages
  • How a believer’s character affects an angel
  • How rebelling will destroy the ministry of angels towards you

God has prepared a mighty host to aid us. Guardian Angels will teach you how to call upon this mighty host of heaven.


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