Healing – It Is Always God’s Will

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When Adam sinned, the curse—a curse that included sickness and disease—was unleashed on the earth. But when Jesus went to Calvary, He became a curse to redeem us and pay the price for sin and sickness. That means God’s healing power is always available and it is always His will to heal.

And receiving healing, just like receiving salvation, is an act of one’s will and is available to anyone who will receive The WORD of God and believe it. Therefore, Satan has no power to keep sickness on anyone who’s decided to receive the healing that has already been provided.

In the Healing series from Kenneth Copeland, you’ll learn:

  • The healing power of God is a spiritual force
  • It is vital for believers to accept The WORD of God, not what is perceived by the five senses, as evidence of healing
  • To make The WORD of God your final authority, act on it and bring the results of healing to your body


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