Heaven in Your Heart and in Your Pocket Too!

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Are You a Dreamer?

If you’re like most people, you spend countless hours imagining a better life for you and your family. Heaven in Your Heart and in Your Packet, Too! is your guide to stop dreaming and start making your dreams come true. In this motivational, yet practical book, you’ll learn:

  • Having faith makes nothing easy, just possible.
  • Possibilities are the product of perspective.
  • There is nothing unholy about struggle.
  • Wealth is not a matter of accident.
  • To welcome change, for it will usher you into brave new worlds.
  • The enemy won’t tell you to stop working on your goals, but to do them tomorrow.
  • There’s a reason you’re on this planet—it’s called purpose.
  • Organization precedes the miraculous, so get organized.

It’s time to climb out of the “box” someone else has built for you. to discover the new horizons of who you truly are.


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