Holy Spirit Encounter

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Author(s): Diana Waller
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Do you hunger to be filled to overflowing with the Holy Spirit; or long to be used by God in a greater way? Are you prepared for a new anointing? Diana Waller brings revelation of the qualifying factors God uses to ‘fit’ you with a greater measure of Holy Ghost power. Gain insight into one of God’s ‘master keys’, and discover how ‘repentance’ is the prerequisite for YOUR fresh outpouring. “Holy Ghost Encounter”, provokes the Body of Christ in it’s greatest hour, and will release rivers of; Refreshing, Revival, Refilling and Renewal into your daily life.

Captured during three consecutive nights of meetings, this is a timely prophetic word to the church. Delivered under three distinct and powerful anointings, “Holy Ghost Encounter”, will bring you from brokenness into the intimacy of the king’s chambers. Your appetite for the things of the Spirit will be whetted, as the word of God is applied.


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