Featured eBook – January 2015 – How I Learned Jesus Was Not Poor

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Christians today commonly believe that Jesus was poor. And they believe that God wants them to be poor, too. Oral Roberts says nothing could be further from the truth.

Jesus was not poor, and He wants Christians to prosper in every way, including financially.

As a boy Oral Roberts observed how abject poverty humiliated his father, who served as a minister. From that time he was sure that God did not want Christians to be poor.

Prayer and personal experience taught him how righteous living and divine principles for handling money can break the hold of poverty on the lives of Christians.

  • Learn seven ways from Scripture that show Jesus was not poor.
  • Learn how to interpret so-called “difficult scriptures” that seem to say Jesus was poor.
  • Understand God’s principles for money ami giving.
  • Break the hold of poverty in your life.
  • See how the media contribute to the popular misunderstanding of Christianity and prosperity.

Oral Roberts shows that not only was Jesus not poor, but in several important ways He was rich. Jesus had a house. He had a treasury adequate to finance His team ministry. He had a group of faithful donors, and so on.

He anticipates the challenge that comes from certain Scripture texts that can be read to say Jesus was destitute. Using his insight into the Bible, he answers each typical objection.

He gives practical teaching on breaking the spirit of poverty and on applying God’s principles of finance. The “how tos” are illustrated with many fascinating examples from the lives of Oral and Evelyn Roberts.

Every chapter is summed up with reminders and practical pointers to help you apply the teaching to your life.
Jesus Was Not Poor; and He Wants to Prosper His People.


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