How to Behave in a Cave

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Author(s): Cathy Duplantis
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Are you discouraged? Down and out? Frustrated? Burned out? What if all you want to do is run and hide?

The good news is that you don’t have to stay there!

Jesus warned us about tribulations—you know, problems in life that are designed by the devil to make you give up and hide in a cave. Have you been there?

In her first book, renowned speaker, Cathy Duplantis provides an insightful look into the lives of David, Jonathan, and Elijah, three men in a cave who could have given up and quit, but decided to walk out in victory instead. Through their example, you will discover:

•    God has not given up on you, even though you may have given up on yourself

•    Distressing situations come from the enemy, but God always has a plan for your victory

•    When you obey Godys commands and walk in boldness, the enemy trembles

•    And much more!

Maybe fear, failure, disappointment or disobedience has backed you into a cave. As you read, you will discover practical steps on what to do while in the cave in order to get yourself out!


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