How to Increase and Release the Anointing

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Author(s): Rodney Howard-Browne
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Many today ark seeking god’s anointing. Some are looking for a formula, others are imitating the great men of God, hoping for the same success they achieved. In this enlightening book, Rodney Howard-Browne gives answers that go far beyond a ten-steps-to-the-anointing program. He shares truths that get to the heart of what puts a person into a position to be anointed of God and to operate in the anointing as a lifestyle.

His fresh point of view exposes Charismatic myths that have permeated the Church, distracting believers from doing the works of Jesus—preaching, teaching, and demonstrating the power of God.

His insights will help all those who desire to experience more of the flow of the anointing. This book will bring an increased understanding of how to release the anointing to others and see their lives touched with the reality of that heavenly materiality.


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